With more than twenty five years experience in tour and travel industry, as a tour guide and operator, Theo Henoch set up his own company to support the need of high quality services in tourism which is the main goal of the development by the local government in North Sulawesi, Indonesia.

Many people worldwide know that Sulawesi especially the North peninsula is diving, however, mountain trekking, nature reserve hiking with the most possibility to see animal such as ; black tailess monkey, butterflies, cuscus and the most unique one tarsier (tarsius spectrum), a smallest monkey found in this island,  white water rafting and other leissure programs would be special alternative of activities.

North Sulawesi is home to many endemic birds which attract a lot of overseas bird watchers to come for birding in Tangkoko Nature reserve and Dumoga Bone National Park.

Liwayne Adventure Tours and Travel is the name of the company that is ready to help providing the visitor plan either leissure, adventures or birdwatching trip programs to Sulawesi , Halmahera and other islands in Indonesia which has been in operation since the end of 2005 that offers snorkeling and diving in Bunaken island, white water rafting and mountain trekking as well.

Memorial tours for Dutch and Japanese to recall their existence to this region many years ago would be a special request as well as other interest.

Please take your time  to explore our website with a careful, flexible and responsible agent at reasonable costs.

See you in Sulawesi !